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Dog Boarding & Daycare

All prices listed are per day, for the first dog. Second dog discounts may apply.

Boarding Accommodations:

Small Indoor Kennel $28
Indoor/Outdoor Lodge $30
Family Indoor/Outdoor Lodge $32

Daycare Rates $20

Daily medication $3

They will be let out 3x a day.

If owner wants them let out more it is $3 additional.

Indoor/Outdoor lodging provides your dog with spacious quarters where he or she can enjoy a private, safe and clean stay. Your pet can lounge inside on his or her kuranda bed or venture outside the individual patio to enjoy the clean country air.


Your dog enjoys this come and go access all day, until lights out at night.  Indoor only option mirrors the amenities of the lodges, with the comfort of a bed and climate control, with exception of doggy door outdoor access.


Our Doggy Daycare offers your pet a fun way to spend the day while you're at work. We will keep your pet occupied with a day full of fun. The dogs enjoy free supervised play in one of our outdoor play areas. All Social Club dogs must be spayed or neutered. 

Puppy Drinking

Deposits are required to hold your pet’s room during the holidays of at least Spring Break, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In addition, all indoor/outdoor lodges booked over the summer will require a deposit. Deposits will be taken when you make your reservation and are for the value of 3 days in the accommodation you choose for your dog. Deposits will be used towards your check-out total, but are non-refundable if reservation is cancelled.

Playtime, Fetch, or Splash time:

Indulge your pet in our extra-curricular activity program.

This can include an extra romp in our outdoor yard, complete with your pet’s favorite fetch toy, a splash session with a small pool and the water hose, or fun group play in our indoor training room (approved dogs only). All extra-curricular activity is $9 for 10 minutes and is available up to three times a day. 

Your second dog (if playing together) is $5.


We recommend that you bring any medications that

your dog may be on.  Please bring all medications in their original container - this applies to prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and supplements. There will be a small fee for giving medications.  Also, don't hesitate to ask us to apply flea or heart worm preventative if they're due during their stay - we'll make sure they don't miss a day! 

Required Dog vaccines

DHPP, Lepto, Rabies, bordetella (kennel cough)

All vaccines must be current at least one week before arrival.

All new to you dogs must have been in your home and healthy for 30 days prior to boarding. This includes found strays, foster dogs, puppies from breeders or friends, and recent adoptees from shelters, private rescues and individuals. In addition, all adult dogs with an unknown vaccine history will need proof of two Distemper/Parvo vaccines prior to boarding with us. Dogs under a year of age must be able to supply proof of 4 Distemper/Parvo vaccines with at least 3 given by a veterinarian.

We require vaccines be updated at least 7 days prior to your arrival date for boarding. Call us with any questions!


For bedding, each guest will be supplied with a comfortable raised Kuranda bed with a fuzzy synthetic blanket.  We also have some thicker and fuzzier beds for our guests that need them.  We promise your dog will have somewhere comfortable to sleep!  Some dogs enjoy a t-shirt of yours or a towel that smells like home, though!  


You are allowed to bring toys to keep with your dog; however, we ask that you not bring rope bones or rawhide bones as they can be ingested.  We carry kong treats and will fill with peanut butter to keep them busy while in the run for additional cost. Also, please keep in mind that while we will do our best to ensure your pet's items are not lost or damaged, we are not responsible for any items left with your pet.  Please try to limit toys and bones to a total of three (3).

Hurricane Season

During hurricane season, we will require you to provide us with an emergency contact who can come pick your pet up within 2 hours of contact.  Please make sure this is someone who is reachable 24 hours a day and who is aware that you have left their name and number with us.


~ If a Category 3, 4, or 5 hurricane is predicted to make landfall Coastal Paws Pet Lodge WILL evacuate all employees and pets at least one day prior to estimated landfall. This means that all pets must be picked up by their owners or emergency contacts at least one day prior to estimated landfall. ANY PETS NOT PICKED UP BY THEIR OWNERS OR EMERGENCY CONTACTS WILL BE CHARGED $500, PLUS BOARDING RATES AT COASTAL PAWS PET LODGE AND BOARDING RATES AT THE EVACUATION FACILITY.

~ For category 1 or 2 hurricanes, we will make a decision based on the recommendations of local authorities and contact all owners and emergency contacts. We will also try to post updates to our Facebook page and keep them as current as possible.

Please remember that all decisions we make are final and are made for the safety of our pets and our employees. Coastal Paws Pet Lodge is not built as a bunker and is not designed to sustain hurricane force winds. If we lose power, air-conditioning, parts of the building or our fences, we can no longer provide the care for your pet that you have trusted us to provide.

Click on the link provided and sign our Hurricane/Emergency Form below. 

~All pets will be checked for fleas upon check-in, and will be treated

at the owner's expense immediately (ranging from a Capstar pill to a flea bath).


~Female dogs who are in heat, or who come into heat during their stay, must be housed in an indoor luxury suite, for their safety and at the owner's expense.

~Check out time is 11:00 am, after which you are charged for that day. 

You are welcome to pick up in the afternoon, but will be charged for that day.

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